More Than Esquires (MTE) is a community where professionals from all backgrounds gather to share their insight and thoughts on what impacts them personally, professionally and the legal community overall. We strive to create an open, safe and welcoming space for everyone to be their authentic self

These guidelines were crafted to support our members during their journey and to help ensure that happens across the MTE community.



Accountability. Be accountable to yourself and each other. We remind you to be self-aware, practice healthy collective support that drives goal realization and sparks a lasting commitment to change. 

Confidentiality. This is a safe forum to share. Respect the privacy and personal information of other members as you’d want your own to be protected. Do not share personal information from private MTE forums outside of the network. What is shared at MTE stays in MTE.

Encouragement. Foster an inclusive environment free of judgment and encourage members to ask questions, share their thoughts, ideas, opinions, advice and feedback. And be confident that  your fellow MTE members are here with you. 

Inclusiveness. Members must be mindful and reflect on their language, position, privilege and prejudice to promote inclusion. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Do not assume the opinions and journeys of others, but rather ask questions respectfully. 

Mindfulness. Be conscious of fellow members and the community overall. Be open and transparent, have positive intentions in what you want to say and what you want to know.  

Respect. Treat everyone with respect. Be courteous. Healthy debates and disagreeing are fine but be respectful of others’ opinions and don’t be rude. Our community is a welcoming, open and safe space for all voices and thoughts to be heard.  



Harassment. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening, intimidation; stalking; unwanted  photography; inappropriate physical contact; use of racial or sexual or discriminatory imagery,  comments, or jokes; and unwelcome sexual attention.

Hate speech, discriminatory or derogatory language. Speech that attacks or demeans a group based on racial or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation/identity, political affiliation,  age, veteran status. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms of discrimination.  

Illegal activity. Do not promote, encourage, or make light of any kind of illegal or fraudulent activity.  Do not encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law. 

Misinformation and disinformationSharing specifically false information about laws, news or world events, beyond the scope of reasonable opinion or analysis that can be harmful to our  community. These comments will be removed and may result in a suspension or a ban.

Personal attacks. This includes name-calling, bullying, insults, threats, hurtful comments about  someone’s appearance, voice, or style, and all other forms of attacks. 

Poor etiquette. Do not engage in excessive profanity. No posting or sharing  NSFW comments or images. We have a zero-tolerance policy on spam. Do not engage in trolling. We know it when we see it, and we’ll remove it. 

Solicitation: Do not accost members with sales, offers, giveaways, deals, or forceful tactics that pertain to your business.  No market research is allowed for your own programs, products and services.



This community is a vetted network of talented lawyers, and our commitment to belonging & inclusivity means that we do not authorize or appoint any specific MTE Group leaders. Group organizers emerge organically based on their bandwidth, and we are here to support you in bringing the community together.

We aim to create a community where any member can host and post in a group, and connect with  other members. You are all leaders and, with that in mind, we expect the following:

  • Submit a request form if you would like to create a new MTE group.
  • Uphold MTE’s values and guidelines when posting in a group, hosting a meetup, or connecting with other MTE Members.
  • Contact Team MTEN before securing sponsorships and partnerships. Sponsorships happen at the Founders’ discretion and approval, and MTE members are not authorized to act on behalf of MTEN in the engagement of sponsorships.  If you have a unique opportunity, please email
  • Host groups and meetups that are in the interest of the MTE community, not yourself (e.g., no self-promotional gatherings).


If you notice any posts, messages, or comments, or witness any conversations or actions that you feel do not align with any of the above guidelines, report your concerns to

We will take action when we see someone who doesn’t follow these rules. Sometimes that just means at best, be removed from conversation and at worst, will end up banned from the community. These  decisions will be made at the discretion of Team MTEN.

We reserve the right to revisit our guidelines at any time.