Welcome to the Community


We’d like to extend a warm welcome and congratulate you on your acceptance to the More Than Esquires (MTE) community. This community will offer you opportunities to network with colleagues, develop your career, and be a system of support and accountability in your commitment towards professional and personal growth.

We aim to provide you only the best content and experience. In the meantime, we are sharing the Community Guidelines and some steps to get you started on the community platform. Connect, collaborate and grow with fellow MTE in your journey.


Blessed & Nneka


This is your community and we want you to be open, transparent and intentional about who you are and what you are looking for.  Review the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES to understand that each member experiences the circle of accountability, respect and safe space during their MTE journey.



We’d like to know what you want, what you like, and what you hope to see within the community. Please take 3 minutes to complete the New Member Onboarding Survey.


Create your profile. Fill out your bio, add your photo and key info so other members can discover you.


Introduce yourself to the community at the Introductions group and include the following info:

  • Name & Location
  • My Give: Tell us something you do really well so that others can ask you about it.
  • My Get: What is something you would like to get help with from this community?
  • If my career or life story were made into a book, movie or song, then the title would be…


Join a Group or Forum. Start a conversation on a topic, check out news and information that impact our community.


Use the menu panel to explore the different spaces inside the community. 

  • Connections: review your list of connections in the community
  • Events: mark your calendar for upcoming events, webinars and networking.  This is located inside the Resource Room.
  • Groups: engage in conversations with MTEs of similar interests and experiences
  • Forums: join a public or private conversation on topic of choice or interest
  • Members: discover and connect with fellow MTE members
  • Resource Room: learn about the latest job opportunities and access our content library for videos, checklists and toolkits